Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Mother of Triplet, Ezenwa Esther Adaeze shares her joy.

      Facebook user,Mrs Ezenwa Esther Adaeze who recently gave birth to triplet - 2 boys and a girl shared her joy on Facebook:

     "Where do I start 4rm tnkin d GOD of overdo,GOD of sings an wonders,GOD of miracle worker, hm! Am short of wrds,I never new he will honour me dis way, tnk u LORD 4 blessing Me wit a cute an lovely children at ones(2boys an a girl) jony dat would hav taken me 5 to 6 years d lord has decided to make it 9months.. I pray dat,dat God dat has decided 2 honour an 2 bless me wt 4 kids under 2 an half yrs of marriage wil do it 4 as many dat are in need of it IN JESUS NAME!!!"
   Congrats to her and Amen to her prayers

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